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Anniversary Gift Ideas? HELP!

What should I get my husband for our 11th anniversary?  I'm very much in love with him and want to do something romantic, but he's a somewhat practical guy and he's not big into romantic gifts that just sit there doing nothing.

Things he likes:

- dark chocolate (but he has plenty)
- weird food (but he buys his own all the time, so it's not special)
- gourmet (same as above)
- esoterica (but that's hard to come up with, by definition!)
- anything odd or weird (same as above)
- animals (but we already have too many pets)
- computers (but I know nothing about them and he'd rather purchase what he wants himself)
- electronics (same as above)

Things he dislikes:

- baubles and knick knacks
- jewelry for men
- knives
- sports
- golf

The perfect gift, in my opinion, would be something lovey and romantic like an antique key in a box that says "the key to my heart" or something sweet like that, but it would have to actually DO something for him to like it.  It can't be just something that sits there looking quaint and cute...  He's not into that.

D:  Any ideas or am I just sort of out of luck?

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